woolly aphid

Distribution and status: Hilly tracts in India and world

Host range: Apple

Symptoms of damage

•Nymphs and adults suck the juice from bark of the trunk or fruits

•Weakening and death of the smaller plants

•Infested twigs shrivel and die

•Galls on the roots

•White, woolly patches on the trunk.

Identification of the pest

– Purplish aphid covered with white cottony mats


•Use resistant root stocks M 778, M 779, MM 14, MM 110, MM 112

•Spray dimethoate 30 EC 0.06% or methyl demeton 25 EC 0.025%

•Release the parasitoid: Aphelinus mali

•Predators: Chilomenus bijugus and Coccinella septumpunctata

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