Most Important Facts of Bee Keeping

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#1. Domesticating

Beekeeping can be done by domesticating two species of bees viz, Apis cerena and Apis mellifera.

#2. Box Distance

Keep row to row and box to box distance as 10 and 3 feet, respectively (Recommended by NBB).

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#3. Temperature

When the temperature in the apiary increases beyond 37 °C, Water is used by bees to evaporate and cool the colony.

A Queen bee can live up to five years, whereas a worker bee often has a life span as short as 6 weeks.

- Bee Life

#4. Feed & Migration

Feed the colonies in the evening preferably after sunset Start migration late in the evening and ensure the colonies reach the destination within 10-12 hrs.

#5. Harvesting

Harvests are normally possible during and shortly after the two main flowering seasons, namely October/November and February-June.

Egg of bees that hve been fertilized and develop into females; unfertilized - males

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