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  • NABARD Grade A Notification, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Mock Test Series 2022
    Applications are invited from Indian citizens for the post of Assistant Manager in Grade ‘A’ in the Rural Development Banking … Read more
  • New variety reported by researchers – plant belonging to ginger family
    New variety spotted in Mizoram Researchers from Mizoram and Kerala have identified a new plant variety, a wild relative of … Read more
  • Rice Cultivation
    Area & Distribution Area : India > China > Indonesia Production : China > India > Indonesia Productivity: USA > … Read more
  • Pink bollworm
    Introduction Identification Life cycle Damage Management Download Pdf
  • Caster semilooper
    Introduction •Distribution and status: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines. •Host range: Castor, rose, pomegranate, tea, citrus, mango, … Read more
  • Groundnut Aphid
    •Serious pests •Distribution and status: India, Africa, Argentina, Chile, U.S.A. Europe and Australia. •Host Plants: Groundnut, beans, safflower, lablab, niger, … Read more
  • Castor Capsule borer
    Introduction •Damage caused by : Caterpillar Identification •Larvae : – full-grown 25-30 mm length, reddish brown, with black blotches all … Read more
  • Mustard sawfly
    Introduction •Host plant : mustard, toria, rapseed, cabbage, cauliflower, knol-knol, turnip, radish, etc. •Damage caused by : larvae Identification  •Larvae … Read more
  • Mustard aphid
    Introduction •Distribution and status: Distributed worldwide and is a serious pest •Host range: Cruciferous oilseeds like toria, sarson, raya, taramira … Read more
  • Brinjal shoot & fruit borer
    Distribution and status :  •India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Srilanka, Laos, South Africa, Congo. It is a major and regular … Read more
  • Painted bug
    Introduction •Distribution and status: Widely distributed in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Arabia and East Africa. •Host range: Crucifers, rice, sugarcane, … Read more
  • Cabbage caterpiller
    •Serious peat of cabbage, cauliflower, knol-knol, & also attack on turnip, radish, sarson, toria, and other cruciferous plant. •Damage caused … Read more
  • Ber fruit fly
    —Distribution and status: Countrywide distribution —Host range: Ber —Make cavities in the skin of fruit & lay 1-2 spindle shaped … Read more
  • Cabbage semilooper
    •Distribution and status: USA, India and Sri Lanka •Host range: Cabbage, tomato and other cruciferous vegetables. Damage symptoms •Caterpillars start … Read more
  • Diamond back moth
    Distribution and status: World – wide Host range: •Serious past of Cabbage and cauliflower, but also feeds on other crucifers … Read more
  • Anar butterfly
    •Distribution and status: All over India. •Host range: Aonla, apple, ber, citrus, guava, litchi, loquat, peach, mulberry, pear, sapota, tamarind. … Read more
  • woolly aphid
    •Distribution and status: Hilly tracts in India and world •Host range: Apple Symptoms of damage •Nymphs and adults suck the … Read more
  • Citrus caterpillar/ lemon butterfly
    •Distribution : Africa, Japan •Hoat plant : citrus & Various other species of the family rutaceae. Identification •Egg : pale … Read more
  • Fruit borer /Gram pod borer/Gram caterpillar
    •Distribution and status: World wide •It is polyphagous pest •it is serious pest                  chickpea, pigeonpea, pea mungbean, urdbean, lentil, … Read more
  • Citrus Psylla
    •Distribution and Status: America, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia and China •Host range: Citrus, certain deciduous plants … Read more

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