Top 60+ Soil Science Multiple Choice Question [y]

Most Important JRF soil science Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) [y]

Q. 31.  What is the Clay percentage in sandy textural soil

a) 0-15
b) 85-100
c) 0-30
d) 0-10

d) 0-10

Q. 32. Which of the following is a secondary essential nutrient

a) Zn
b) Cu
c) S
d) N

c) S

Q. 33. Which of the following is a structural element

a) N
b) S
c) Mn
d) O

d) O

Q. 34. Which of the following element is a part of chlorophyll

a) Mg
b) S
c) Fe
d) Mn

a) Mg

Q. 35. Calcium Nitrate has ………. % of nitrogen

a) 15.5
b) 26
c) 19
d) 13

a) 15.5

Q. 36. Brown heart of turnip is due to deficiency of

a) Calcium
b) Manganese
c) Zinc
d) Boron

cd) Boron

Q. 37. Pf value at field capacity is

a) 4.5
b) 1
c) 2.5
d) 4.2

c) 2.5

Q. 38. Saline soils are reclaimed/managed by

a) Addition of gypsum
b) Leaching
c) Addition of lime
d) Both a and b

b) Leaching

Q. 39. Solum is made up of

a) C horizon
b) C + D horizon
c) A+B+C horizon
d) A+B horizon

d) A+B horizon

Q. 40. Order of alluvial soil is

a) Vertisol
b) Alfisol
c) Entisol
d) Histosols

c) Entisol

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