Top 60+ Soil Science Multiple Choice Question [y]

Most Important JRF soil science Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) [y]

Q. 11. Compact sub soil has how much percentage of Pore space

a) 10-20 %
b) 20- 25 %
c) 25 – 30 %
d) 30- 35 %

c) 25 – 30 %

Q. 12. The capillary water is held between 1/3 and 31 atmosphere pressure. This water is mostly absorbed by plants. What is the range of available water in soil

a) 1/3 to 31 Atm
b) 15 to 31 Atm
c) 1/3 to 15 Atm
d) 15- 1000`0 Atm

c) 1/3 to 15 Atm

Q. 13. The total water available is known as Hollard. The total water available to plants will be known as

a) Echard
b) Hollard
c) Chresard
d) Delta

c) Chresard

Q. 14. The pF value of capillary water is 2.54 to 4.50. What will be the pF value of hygroscopic coefficient

a) 4.50 to 7.00
b) 4.5
c) 2.54
d) <2.54

b) 4.5

Q. 15. Gully erosion is a type of soil erosion. What is the side slope of G3 Gully class

a) 8-15 %
b) 15%
c) More than 15 %
d) Less than 15 %

b) 15%

Q. 16. Most of the plants perform best at 6 to 7 pH. What is the most preferred soil pH for Leguminous crops

a) 5.5 to 6.0
b) 6 to 7
c) 7-7.5
d) 7.5 – 8.0

b) 6 to 7

Q. 17. When there are waterlogged conditions, then the availability of which minerals will be found in the soil

a) Fe
b) Nitrogen
c) Manganese
d) Both a & c

d) Both a & c

Q. 18. Which foliar applied nutrients has rapid absorption rate

a) Molybdenum
b) Magnesium
c) Sulphur
d) Potassium

d) Potassium

Q. 19. Which among the following crops has highest relative salt tolerance

a) Rapeseed
b) Sugarbeet
c) Cotton
d) Barley

a) Rapeseed

Q. 20. On the basis of soil salinity class water can be used for irrigation purposes with some management practices.It comes under which class

a) C1
b) C2
c) C3
d) C4

c) C3

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