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According to NCF 2005, errors are important because they

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Aarjav says that language development is influenced by one’s innate predisposition while Sonali feels that it is because of the environment. This discussion between Aarjav and Sonali is about

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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is essential for

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According to Piaget theory, which one out of the following will not influence one’s cognitive development?

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Students of disadvantaged groups should be taught along with the normal students. It implies

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Teachers, in order to help learners construct knowledge, need to focus on

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We all differ in terms of our intelligence, motivation, interest, etc. This principle refers to

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Learning experiences should be planned in a manner so as to make learning meaningful. Which of the given learning experiences does not facilitate meaningful learning for the children?

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According to Piaget’s theory, children learn by

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Which of these does not imply practical intelligence in the Triarchic theory?

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Deficiency in the ability to write, associated with impaired handwriting, is a symptom of

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Which of the following age groups falls under later childhood category?

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The sounds th, ph, ch are:

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Giving punishment, verbal or non-verbal, to the children results in

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Giftedness from teacher’s point of view is a combination of

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The assessment of students can be- used by teachers in teaching to develop insight into

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The following three aspects of intelligence are dealt by Sternberg’s triarchic theory except

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The teacher noticed that Pushpa cannot solve a problem on her own. However, she does so in the presence of adult or peer guidance. This guidance is called

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In Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory, which level signifies the absence of morality in the true sense?

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Fitting new information into existing schemes is known as

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Which one of the following is not correct for the progressive model of socialization of children?

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In learning, assessment is essential for

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Making students members of a cleanliness community to motivate them for the same, reflects

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A child’s notebook shows errors in writing like reverse images, mirror imaging, etc. Such a child is showing signs of

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Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences emphasizes

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Which one out of the following provides information about the roles and behaviours which are acceptable in a group, during early childhood period?

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Out-of-the-box’ thinking is related to

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“Anyone can become angry—that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purposse, and in the right way—that is not easy.” This is related to

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Given below are some statements about boys and girls. According to you, which one of these is true?

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A teacher, labelled the head of a committee, as ‘chairperson’ instead of ‘chairman’. It indicates that the teacher

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