Plant propagation

What is Plant Propagation ?

Plant propagation is the process which grows new plants from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. •Plant propagation can also refer to the man-made or natural dispersal of seeds.

Type of Plant Propagation

Sexual propagation

•Sexual propagation involves the sexual parts of the plant which are the flowers, fruits, flower buds and seeds.

Asexual propagation

•Plants have a number of mechanisms for asexual or vegetative reproduction. •Some of these have been taken advantage of by horticulturists and gardeners to multiply or clone plants rapidly.

Method of Asexual Propagation


•A plant cutting is a piece of a plant that is used in horticulture for vegetative (asexual) propagation. •A piece of the stem or root of the source plant is placed in a suitable medium such as moist soil. •If the conditions are suitable, the plant piece will begin to grow as a new plant independent of the parent, a process known as striking.

Type of Cutting

Hard wood cutting

One year old stems are using for cutting

Eg: Grape, Fig, Pomegranate, mourus, and rose.

Semi-hard wood cutting

Eg: mango, guava, jackfruit, lemon, aonla etc.

Soft wood cutting

Eg: Apple, Peach, guava and many ornamental plant.

Herbaceous cutting

Eg: Alternanthera, coleus, Pilea, Eupatorium, Iresine etc.

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