Plant Pathology Objective Questions [y]

Plant Pathology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Plant Pathology MCQ are most important for all agriculture exam [y] like ICAR-JRF Plant Science, JRF Entomology, JRF Horticulture, JRF Agronomy [y], BHU Pre-PG, Raj Pre-PG [y], IBPS-SO/AFO [y], NET [y], CCI, IFFCO, NSC, AO, AAO etc.

Q. 11. Consider about the great famine….

  1. The worst period was 1947.
  2. It was early blight.
  3. It was late blight.
  4. Succeeded by Irish famine 1979.
a) 1 and 2 are true
b) 1, 2 and 3 are true
c) 2, 3 and 4 are true
d) All are true

d) All are true

Q. 12. …..…. species uses cell-wall-degrading enzymes to cause soft rot?

a) Pythium
b) Erwinia
c) Phytophthora
d) All of the above

b) Erwinia

Q. 13. Apart from thielaviopsis root rot, Thielaviopsis spp. causes?

a) Canker rot
b) Black root rot
c) Both a and b
d) Cottony rot

c) Both a and b

Q. 14. Mango malformation is common in..?

a). North-East India
b). South-East India
c). North-West India
d). South-West India

c). North-West India

Q. 15. Montek disease of rice is caused by ?

a). Rice root nematode
b). Fusarium spp
c). Helminthosprium
d). Pyricularia

a). Rice root nematode

Q. 16. 35% annual crop loss, ….% crop loss is due to fungi, bacteria, virus?

a). 10 %
b). 11 %
c). 14 %
d). 12 %

d). 12 %

Q. 17. 35% annual crop loss, …. % crop loss is due to nematode?

a). 8 %
b). 5 %
c). 11 %
d). 15 %

c). 11 %

Q. 18. Father of epidemiology is ?

a). T. O. Diener
b). E. J. Butler
c). K. C. Mehta
d) Vanderlank

d) Vanderlank

Q. 19. Main agent of E. J. Butler’s book is?

a). Fungus
b). Virus
c). Bacteria.
d). Other

a). Fungus

Q. 20. The “Black 47” is related with…..?

a). Tomato
b). Wheat
c). Potato
d). Banana

c). Potato

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