Ornamental pests

Rose Aphid

•Infesting rose from Nov – April in N-India.

•Cotton aphid: Aphis gossypii Glover, Green peach aphid: Myzus persicae


– non-winged rose aphid elongated body 2.5-2.6 mm.

– Large red eye, black cornicles, yellow green abdomen.

Life cycle


•Aphid suck cell sap •Black fungus may develop on honey-dew excreted by insect.


•Spray 500 ml of malathion 50EC or methyl demeton 25EC or 200 ml phosphamidon 85WSC in 500 liters of water/ha.

Hollyhock Tingid Bug

•Host plant : hollyhock, Althaea rosea, Abutilon indicm, etc.

Life cycle

•Appeare March – June.

•Lay eggs on the upper surface of leaves.

•Incubation periods 8-10 days.

•The pest overwinters in egg stage.


•Adult & Nymphs suck plant sap.

•Infested leaves pale – yellow and turn brown.

•Ultimately they shrivel and dry up.


•Larvae yellowish green, distinct black head.

•Moth is pale white.

Life cycle


•Larvae bores into immature bud and feeds on internal contents.

•A single larva may damage upto 6 flower buds.

•During heavy infestation, the adjacent buds along the inflorescence are webbed together by silken thread.


•Spray 500 ml of dimethoate 30EC or 200 ml of cypermethrin 25EC in 500 liters of water/ha.

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