NSCL Management Trainee (Production) Paper 2019


Q. 1. Calcium deficiency causes toxicity of?

(1) Iron
(2) Manganese
(3) Boron
(4) None of these


Q.2. Blue chaff disease of oats is due to deficiency of?

(1) Copper
(2) Molybdenum
(3) Boron
(4) Manganese


Q.3. Free floating fresh water fern is?

(1) Anabaena
(2) Azolla
(3) Azospirillum
(4) None of these


Q.4. Border strip of irrigation is followed in?

(1) Potato
(2) Sugarcane
(3) Mango
(4) Wheat


Q.5. The nutrient removed in maximum quantity by paddy crop is?

(1) Nitrogen
(2) Phosphorus
(3) Potash
(4) Zinc


Q.6. Antagonism of Mn exists with?

(1) Calcium
(2) Boron
(3) Iron
(4) Copper


Q.7. Depression in efficiency of Rhizobium is due to?

(1) Iron application
(2) Phosphorus application
(3) Potash application
(4) Excessive nitrogen use

Excessive nitrogen us

Q.8. Purple pigmentation in Brassicas is due to?

(1) Deficiency of Iron
(2) Excessive nitrogen
(3) Potassium deficiency
(4) Phosphorus deficiency

Phosphorus deficiency

Q.9. Yellow mosaic in soybean is spread by?

(1) Soil
(2) Seed
(3) Wind
(4) White fly

White fly

Q.10. Seed viability is tested by?

(1) Bromide
(2) Iodide
(3) Chloride
(4) None of these


Q.11. Copper deficiency is a problem in which part of India?

(1) North
(2) South
(3) East
(4) West


Q.12. Objectionable weed for seed production of wheat is?

(1) Chenopodium album
(2) Convolvulus arvensis
(3) Phalaris minor
(4) Melilotus indica

Convolvulus arvensis

Q.13. Which element is maximum in black soil?

(1) Nitrogen
(2) Phosphorus
(3) Potash
(4) Sulphur


Q.14. Boron deficiency causes?

(1) Blue chaff disease
(2) Die back disease
(3) Gray speck disease
(4) Brown heart disease

Brown heart disease

Q.15. Maize crop is specially sensitive to soil moisture stress at?

(1) Knee high stage
(2) Tasseling stage
(3) Anthesis stage
(4) None of these

Anthesis stage

Q.16. Yellow mosaic resistant variety of Moong is?


(1) Moong T1
(2) T44
(3) Pant moong –4
(4) Pusa Baisakhi

Pant moong –4

Q.17. Which is not a synthetic auxin?

(1) 2, 4–D
(2) IAA
(3) Dalapon
(4) Dicamba


Q.18. Which crop is susceptible to deficiency of iron?

(1) Barley
(2) Maize
(3) Peas
(4) Rice


Q.19. Drought tolerance in plants is due to?


(1) Improved water uptake
(2) Conserving moisture
(3) Mitigating stress mechanism
(4) None of these

Mitigating stress mechanism

Q.20. At what time groundnut plant is self pollinated?


(1) Morning
(2) Evening
(3) Mid day
(4) Night

Mitigating stress mechanism

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