Top 50 Microbiology Objective Questions

Microbiology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Microbiology (Bacteria) MCQ is most important for all agriculture exam [y] like ICAR-JRF Plant Science, JRF Entomology, JRF Horticulture, JRF Agronomy [y], BHU Pre-PG, Raj Pre-PG [y], IBPS-SO/AFO [y], NET [y], CCI, IFFCO, NSC, AO, AAO, etc.

Q. 21. In which of the follwing microorganism, conjunction tube was not produced during conjunction process?

a. Thiobaillus thiooxidence
b. T. ferroxidance
c. Tetrahymena thermophila
d. Cryptaporiclium

a. Thiobaillus thiooxidence

Q. 22. Which of the following is most similar to Rickettsia and Chlamydia?

a. Bdellovibrio
b. Clostridium
c. Mycobacterium
d. Mycoldaima

c. Mycobacterium

Q. 13. How would you distinguish pseudomonas species from E-cloi?

a). Gram staining
b). Morphology
c). Glucose fermentation Vs Respiration
d). All of the above

c. Glucose fermentation Vs Respiration

Q. 24. Which of the following is pathogenic to humans?

a). Spirogyra
b). Cephaleuros
c). Prototheca
d). Both b and c

c. Prototheca

Q. 25. Tumer inducing plasmids are extensively used in production of

a. Avirulent phases
b. Single cell proteins
c. Transgenic plants
d. Nitrogen fixing bacteria

c. Transgenic plants

Q. 26. The viruses that live as parasites on bacteria are

a). Fungi
b). Commensels
c). Bacteriophages
d). None of these

c. Bacteriophages

Q. 27. The anthrax disease is most frequently

a. Cattle
b. Sheeps
c. Rats
d. Both a and b

d. Both a and b

Q. 28. The colonies produced by Pseudomonas on Mac Conkey’s medium are

a. Purple colored
b. Pink colored
c. Pale colored
d. Green colored

c. Pale colored

Q. 29. Staining material of gram positive bacterium is

(a). Fast green
(b). Haematoxylon
(c). Crystal violet
(d). Safranin

(c). Crystal violet

Q. 10. The pigment present in red algae is

a. Rhodochrome
b. Fucoxanthin
c. Chlorophyll only
d. Chlorophyll + phycobilin

d. Chlorophyll + phycobilin

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