Melon fruit fly

•Distribution : india, Pakistn, Myanmer, malaysia, china, formosa, japan, east africa, australia & the hawaiian island.

•Host plant : musk melon and other cucurbits & also found tomato, chillis, guava, citrus, pear, fig, cauliflower etc.

•Only the maggots cause damage by feeding on near ripe fruits.


•Maggots : lrgless and headleas,dirty white wriggling creatures.

•Adult : reddish brown with lemon – yellow markings on the thorax.

Life cycle


•The maggots pollute and destroy fruit by feeding on pulp.

•Damage caused serious in melon and after the first shower of the momsoon.

•Other cucurbitaceous infested up to 50 %


•Spray 50 ml of malathion 50EC + 0.5 kg of gur/suger in 50 l. of water/ha when serious attack.

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