Mango, Guava fruit fly

Distribution and Status : India, Pakistan, South-East Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Formosa, Philippines, Australia, China, Hawaii Islands, China and Taiwan.

Host range : Mango, guava, peach, apricot, cherry, pear, ber, citrus, banana, papaya, avocado, passion fruit, coffee, melons, jack fruit, strawberry.

Symptoms of damage  

•Damage is caused by grub only and feed on pulp.

•Maggot bore into semi-ripen fruits with decayed spots and dropping of fruits.

•Oozing of fluid

•Brownish rotten patches on fruits.

Identification of pest  

Larva – Yellowish apodous maggots.

Adult – Light brown with transparent wing  Maggots of fruit fly dropping out of mango fruit

Life cycle of Fruit fly


•Collect fallen infested fruits and dispose them by dumping in a pit

•Provide summer ploughing to expose the pupa

•Monitor the activity of flies with methyl eugenol sex lure traps. •Bait spray – combing any one of the insecticides and molasses or jaggery 10 g/l,

•o malathion 50EC 2 ml/l,

•o dimethoate 30 EC 1 ml/l,

•o carbaryl 50 WP 4 g/l. two rounds at 2 weeks interval before ripening of fruits.

Biological control

• Field release of natural enemies Opius compensates and Spalangia Philippines

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