Desert locust found tn two phases

1.Solitary phase : -Nymph colour accorving to surrounding vegetation. -Adult remain greenish grey throughout their life.

2. Gregarious phase : -Nymph colour yellow or pink,distinct black markings. -Adult are pink on emergence, gradually turning grey and ultimately yellow, when sexually mature.

Gregarious phase nymph


•Inhabitant of the dry grasslands of desert areas.

•Distribution extends from Rajasthan to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Arabia and Afria.

•In India breeding ground are located in rajasthan, part of Gujarit, and the Hisar and mohindorgarh districts of Haryana.

Migration of swarms

•Swarming lacust are always in the gregarious phase.

•Such swarms have been seen 1930 km at sea. •In one instance, a swarms was recorded 6440 km away from the place of the origin.

•Swarms fly quite high and they are known to have crossed mountains as high as 4,600 metres.

Life cycle



•Lindane 2% dusting on crop and other plants

•Lindane 2% in oil medium effective of swarms.

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