IBPS-So/AFO Most Important MCQs

1. While reclaiming acid water in the aquatic pond, how much lime is required?

a. 250 kg

b. 550 kg

c. 400 kg

d. 600 kg

e. 800 kg

Ans: a. 250 kg

2. Highest Ca is present in which manure?

a. Sheep

b. Goat

c. Cattle

d. Poultry

e. Horse

Ans: d. Poultry

3. What is the Optimum relative humidity range for crop production?

a. 30-50 %

b. 50-70 %

c. 40-60 %

d. 60-70 %

e. None of these

Ans: c. 40-60 %

4. What is the Name of the component with perennial hedge and crop?

a. Avenue crop

b. Cover crop

c. Augmenting crop

d. Alley crop

e. Mixed crop

ans: d. Alley crop

5. Which among the following crop has the largest area under 2015-16?

a. Wheat

b. Rice

c. Maize

d. Barley

e. Berseem

Ans: b. Rice

6. Which among the following is a temperate crop?

a. Wheat

b. Rice

c. Maize

d. Groundnut

e. Cotton

Ans: a. Wheat

7. Lopping is related to?

a. Wheat

b. Rice

c. Maize

d. Lucerne

e. Cotton

Ans: d. Lucerne

8. Highest SNF content is found in which animal milk?

a. Cow

b. Buffalo

c. Goat

d. Sheep

e. Swine

ans: d. Sheep

9. Which poultry breed has the highest weight at the age of 5 weeks?

a. Aseel

b. Frizzle

c. Kadaknath

d. Naked neck

e. Both A and D

Ans: a. Aseel

10. Number of poultry batches can be reared in a year?

a. 5

b. 6

c. 7

d. 8

e. 8-9

ans: c. 7

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