IBPS-AFO Answer key 2021-22

IBPS-Agriculture Field Officer Question Paper 2021-2022 Answer Key in Quiz Form



IBPS-AFO Paper 2021-22

 Questions: 60

 Time: 45 Minutes

Marks: 60

 Language: English, हिन्दी

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Category: Horticulture

A conical evergreen tree with dark green and silvery leaves, spirally arranged, broad leaves at a stage, no symmetry, grows in cool temperature

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Prevention of brucellosis disease in goats can be done by taking measures like?

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Category: Horticulture

Immature green fruit turned into edible, desirable flavour, quality, colour, palatable nature with ethylene treatment

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Category: Plant Science

Which technique do not transfer gene directly

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Category: Seed Science

Isolation distance for certified seed production in okera

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Category: Soil Science

In the colour chart of different diameter classes of trees, which class has no colour chart?

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Category: Agricultural Engineering

An advanced method of minimum tillage in which primary tillage is completely avoided and secondary tillage is reduced to row zone/Seed bed zone only.

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Category: Horticulture

Cricket ball & Kalipatti variety of which crop

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Category: Plant Science

In the adiabatic dehumidification process, when humid air passes through desiccated cell or material then the humidity of the material......... and temp ..........

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Category: Metrology

For getting the benefits of various schemes under MIDH, a farmer can submit the project report including the project cost (up to 50 lakhs) of rupees to which organization?

एमआईडीएच के तहत विभिन्न योजनाओं का लाभ प्राप्त करने के लिए, एक किसान परियोजना रिपोर्ट (50 लाख तक) की परियोजना लागत सहित किस संगठन को प्रस्तुत कर सकता है

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Category: Entomology

Here are imperfectly developed females unable to reproduce but poss all the maternal instinct in hair also defense mechanism has been developed and does the work for colony welfare

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Category: Current Affairs

First Advance Estimates of National Income and Expenditures released by national statistical official, ministry of statistics on Jan 29, 2021. What is the Livestock sector's contribution to overall GVA?

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Category: Forestry

Growing plants out from forest area where it was not present before and purpose is to increase the area under forest is known as?

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Category: Agricultural Engineering

Primary and Secondary tillage implement are

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Category: Fishers

Which of the following is bacterial infectious disease of fishery Disintegrating fins, blood on edges of fins, fin rays become brittle and lead to fin and tail rot.

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Category: Horticulture

Pusa Nanha Variety of papapaya is developed by:

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Category: Fishers

Fish having lung as labyrinth

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Category: Horticulture

Guava flesh pink spot variety which is also known as sardar

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Advance pregnancy symptom in cattle when embryo is out

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Category: Agronomy

Oil content in groundnut

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Category: Current Affairs

Which of the following insurance schemes/schemes is/are being implemented in India?

निम्नलिखित में से कौन सी बीमा योजना भारत में कार्यान्वित की जा रही है ?

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Category: Current Affairs

Loans against pledge hypothecation of agriculture produce (including warehouses recipts) for a period not exceeding 12 months subject to limit up to- against NWR's / ENWR's

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Category: Soil Science

Which soil ameliorants are used in sodic soil reclamation which is cheaper and easily available?

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Category: Soil Science

Rock Phosphate is applied in

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Category: Entomology

What are the diagnostic symptom of infestation of stem borer of maize

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Category: Agronomy

Norin-10 is a source of

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Category: Field Crop

The roots of which crop plant release allelopathic chemicals into the soil that inhibit the germination of succeeding crop

किस फसल के पौधे की जड़ें मिट्टी में एलोपैथिक रसायन छोड़ती हैं जो अगली फसल के अंकुरण को रोकता है

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Category: Current Affairs

Sugarcane FRP will be applicable on a basic recovery of 10 % at present is?

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Category: Soil Science

If an irrigation water source has the concentration of Na+, Ca++, and Mg++ as 20, 10, and 8 milliequivalents per liter respectively, then sodium absorption ratio of this water

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Which among the following is a drought breed of cattle where cows are less milker, but bulls are best for cart & Field Purpose?

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Category: Agricultural Engineering

Which is used in rear of tractor transmission part for attaching combine harvester, mover thresher etc. to tractor

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Category: Horticulture

Potato tubers are cured at _ for 2 days and then at 7 degrees Celsius -10 degrees Celsius for 10-12 days at 90% relative humidity?

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Category: Agricultural Engineering

Mostly used soil & water conservation method in hilly and mountain areas

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Category: Pathology

Akiochi disease in rice due to toxicity of:

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Dual-purpose breed of goat for meat and milk

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Curled toe paralysis in chicken due to

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Category: Fishers

Which among the following is the highest priority brackish water fish having high growth rate and can tolerate fluctuations in temperature?

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Category: Agricultural Engineering

The structure enclosed agro nets or any other woven material to allow required sunlight, moisture, and air to pass through the gaps

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Which instrument is used to determine water content in milk

दूध में पानी की मात्रा निर्धारित करने के लिए किस यंत्र का प्रयोग किया जाता है

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Category: Plant Science

The basic component of protein and chlorophyll consistent and vegetation growth + skeletal nutrients and help in amino acid and protein formation

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Category: Agronomy

IRRI and its national research partners have developed Golden rice to complement and to address the deficiency of?

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Category: Animal Husbandry

What is the Purpose of pasteurization in milk

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Category: Plant Science

The organism which can withstand a wider range of salinity is known as?

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Category: Current Affairs

In Tamilnadu, catamarans made up of 3-5 logs are in pattern and a specialized type made of 7 logs catamaran or kolamaram are used for catching flying fish. It's termed as:

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Category: Horticulture

The tree which produces silk cotton and Kapok

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Category: Agronomy

TSS for sugarcane ripening determination- Brix

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Category: Horticulture

Amrapali variety of mango is made by the cross of

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Exotic, cross breed cow & buffalo for 5th month of pregnancy how much concentrate (other than maintenance) should be given?

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Which goat breed from Switzerland also known as milk queen in world

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Category: Plant Science

Plant growth mechanisms towards the sunlight or other direction towards light is known as

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Category: Current Affairs

ACABC take training from which institue

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Category: Entomology

Leaf curl of chili is transmitted by

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Category: Soil Science

Boron deficiency indicator plant are

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Category: Current Affairs

Urea bag has been reduced from 50 kg to ..............

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Category: Weed Science

Zero tillage got successful because of

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Category: Plant Breeding

When plant is propagated by small tissue or part of plant is termed as

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Category: Horticulture

Coorg is a commercial variety of

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Category: Animal Husbandry

Test done to identify incomplete pasteurization in milk

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Category: Plant Science

Main reason for seed dormancy?

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Category: Entomology

Muga Silk is reared on

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