Horticulture MCQ Questions Part 2nd

Horticulture MCQ Most Important Questions it is very useful to prepare for ICAR-JRF Horticulture [y] and other exams like BHU Pre-PG [y], AFO [y], Agriculture Supervisor [y], etc.

Q. 11. Asparagus belongs to family

a) Liliaceae
b) Leguminaceae
c) Compositae
d) Malvaceae

a) Liliaceae

Q. 12. In India, the first KVK was started in which of the following state?

a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Gujarat
c) Rajasthan
d) Pondicherry

d) Pondicherry

Q. 13. Vegetables are known as protective foods because they are rich in

a) Vitamins
b) Minerals
c) Both a and b
d) None of these

c) Both a and b

Q. 14. Which of the following amino acids is the precursor of ethylene production?

a) Arginine
b) Valine
c) Cystine
d) Methionine

d) Methionine

Q. 15. Which of there is sexually sterile hybrid?

a) Leek
b) Garlic
c) Onion
d) None of these

b) Garlic

Q. 16. ‘Topple’ disorder of gladiolus is due to the deficiency of

a) Boron
b) Calcium
c) Nitrogen
d) Potassium

b) Calcium

Q. 17. Origin of chrysanthemum is

a) China
b) Japan
c) France
d) Europe

a) China

Q. 18. Which of the following vegetable is rich in iron?

a) Musk melon
b) Water melon
c) Bitter gourd
d) Bottle gourd

c) Bitter gourd

Q. 19. Tissue culture technique is normally followed in

a) Carnation
b) Orchids
c) Gladiolus
d) Mango

b) Orchidsc

Q. 20. Endosperm is the edible portion in

a) Litchi
b) Pineapple
c) Bael
d) Coconut

d) Coconut

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