Horticulture MCQ Questions Part 1st

Horticulture MCQ Most Important Questions it is very useful to prepare for ICAR-JRF Horticulture [y] and other exams like BHU Pre-PG [y], AFO [y], Agriculture Supervisor [y], etc.

Q. 1. Coconut Development Board belongs to Ministry of

a) Agriculture
b) Commerce
c) Finance
d) Defense

b) Commerce

Q. 2. ‘Fire blight’ of apple is caused by

a) Fungi
b) Virus
c) Bacteria
d) Mycoplasma

c) Bacteria

Q. 3. Excess of chlorides in tobacco leads to

a) Two faced leaf
b) Inhibition of burning
c) Poor storage life
d) All of these

d) All of these

Q. 4. Grapes fruits is originated from

a) Rachis
b) Pummelo
c) Stipule
d) Berry

b) Pummelo

Q. 5. Which of the following fruits does not belong to the family Anacardiaceae?

a) Cashew nut
b) Peanut
c) Pistachio nut
d) Mango

b) Peanut

Q. 6. For Tomato ketchup, the tomato should have

a) Low TSS
b) High TSS
c) Low Hormones
d) High hormones

b) High TSS

Q. 7. The origin place of the Guava fruit is

a) China
b) Australis
c) India
d) Tropical America

d) Tropical America

Q. 8. Gladiolus is a modification of

a) Pummelo
b) Bulb
c) Berry
d) Rachis

b) Bulb

Q. 9. The acidity of tomato fruits is due to

a) Lactic acid
b) Citric acid
c) Malic acid
d) Both b & c

d) Both b & c

Q. 10. Cactus is generally suited to

a) Marshy sites
b) Shade loving
c) Sunny sites
d) None of these

c) Sunny sites

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