History of Microbiology

Nobel prizes awarded in the subject related in Microbiology Research

Name of ScientistArea of researchYear
A. Fleming, E.B. Chain & H.W. FloreyDiscovery of Penicillin and its therapeutic value1945
M. TheilerDevelopment of vaccine against yellow fever1951
S.A. WaksmanDiscovery of streptomycin1952
J.F. Enders, T.H. Weller & F. RobbinsCultivations of poliovirus in tissue culture1954
D. BovetDiscovery of the first antihistamine1957
G.W. Beadle, E.I. Tatum & J. LederbergMicrobial genetics1958
S. Ochoa & A. KornbergDiscovery of enzyme catalyzing nucleic acid synthesis1959
F.H.C. CrickDiscoveries related to DNA1962
F. Jacob, A. Lwoft & J. MonodDiscoveries about the regulation of genes1965
F.P. RousDiscovery of cancer virus1966
R.W. Holley, H.G. Khorana & M.W. NirenbergDeciphering of the genetic code1968
M. Delbruck, A.D. Hershey & S.E. LuriaDiscoveries concerning viruses and viral infection of cells1969
G. Edelman & R. PorterResearch on the structure of antibodies1972
H. Temin, D. Baltimore & R. DulbeccoDiscovery of RNA dependent DNA synthesis by RNA tumor viruses; reproduction of DNA tumour virus1975
B. Blumberg & D.C. GajdusekMechanism and dissemination of hepatitis B virus; research on slow virus infection1976
R. YalowDevelopment of the Redioimmuno assay technique1977
H.O. Smith, D. Nathans & W. ArberDiscovery of restriction enzymes and their application to the problem of molecular genetics1978
B. Benaclavaf, G. Snell & J. DaussetDiscovery of the histo-compatibilty antigens1980
P. Berg, W. Gilberg & F. SangerDevelopment of DNA technique (Berg); specially of DNA sequencing techniques1981
A. KlugDevelopment of crystallographics electron microscopy1982
C. Milstein, G.J.F. Kohler & N.K. JerneDevelopment of the technique for formation of monoclonal antibodies; theoretical work in immunology.1984
E. RuskaDevelopment of the transmission electron microscope.1986
S. TonegawaThe genetic principle for generation of antibody diversity1987
J. Deisenhofer, R. Huber & H. NichelCrystallization and study of the photosynithetic feaction center from a bacterial membrane.1988
J.M. Bishop & H.E. VarmusDiscovery of oncogenes1989
S. Altman & T.R. CechDiscovery of ribosome1989
K.B. Mullis & M. SmithFor discovery of PCR technique and development of site directed mutagenesis1993
E. Lewis, C. Nusslein & E. WieschansPhysiology of Genetics of microbes1995
S.B. PrussinerDiscovery of prions1997

Noteworthy Events in the Development of Industrial Microbiology

1857L. Pasteur showed that Lactic acid formation is due to microorganisms.
1881L. Pasteur developed anthrax vaccine.
1885Gave rise rabies vaccine.
1887Buchner discovered that yeast extract ferment sugar.
1921Fleming discovered Lysozyme.
1923First edition of Bergey’s manual.
1929Fleming discovered penicillin.
1933Ruska developed electron microscope.
1935Domagk discovered sulfa drugs.
1937Chatton divided living organisms into prokaryotes and eukoryotes.
1941Beadle and Tatum gave one gene one enzyme theory.
1944Waksman discovered streptomycin.
1982Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine developed.
1986First vaccine (hepatitis B vaccine) produced by genetic engineering approved for human use.
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