Groundnut Aphid

•Serious pests

Distribution and status: India, Africa, Argentina, Chile, U.S.A. Europe and Australia.

Host Plants: Groundnut, beans, safflower, lablab, niger, peas, pulses and some weeds.   •Vector of virus disease known as the rossette of groundnut. 

Symptoms of damage  

• • Wilting of tender shoots during hot weather

• Stunting and distortion of the foliage and stems

• They excrete honeydew on which sooty molds flow forming a black coating

• Act as vector for peanut stripe virus and groundnut rosette virus complex  

Identification of the pest  

•Nymphs and Adult: Reddish to dark brown coloured with cornicles in the abdomen

Life cycle


•Apply anyone of the following insecticides

     o Chlorpyrifos 20%EC 1000 ml/ha

     o Imidacloprid 17.8% SL 100-125 ml/ha

     o Methyl demeton 25% EC 1000 ml/ha

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