General Agriculture objective (MCQ) Questions Part 1st

General Agriculture MCQ Most Important Questions, it is very useful to prepare for ICAR-JRF [y], BHU Pre-PG [y], AFO [y], Agriculture Supervisor [y], All Agriculture exams.

Q. 1.  The availability of phosphorus is maximums at soil pH?

a) 5.5-7.5
b) 7.0-8.0
c) 6.0-8.0
d) None of these

c) Both a) 5.5-7.5

Q. 2. The fertilizers which have two or more than two major plant nutrient in their chemical composition are called?

a)Organic fertilizer
b) Complex fertilizer
c) Double fertilizer
d) Mixed Fertilizer

b) Complex fertilizer

Q. 3. The major nutrients are?

a) N, P, K
b) Fe, Mn, Zn
c) Co, Cl, Na
d) Cu, Mo, B

N, P, K

Q. 4. Chandrakaran is a polyembryonic variety of

a) Papaya
b) Mango
c) Banana
d) Pomegranate

b) Mango

Q. 5. Plant easily available and suitable for Bonsai making is

a) Rain tree
b) Grapes
c) Apple
d) Banyan tree

d) Banyan tree

Q. 6. The ideal method for vegetative propagation of pineapple is

a) Crowns
b) Stumps
c) Stembits
d) Slips

d) Slips

Q. 7. Fruit type of pineapple is

a) Spike
b) Berry
c) Sorosis
d) Balusta

c) Sorosis

Q. 8. Pungency in radish is due to volatile compound

a) Erucic acid
b) Isothiocyanates
c) Allopropyldisulphide
d) Diallyl disulphide

b) Isothiocyanates

Q. 9. Blanching is commonly done for

a) Colour fixing
b) Exhausting
c) Fermentation
d) None of these

a) Colour fixing

Q. 10. The crop highly tolerant to low pH is

a) Onion
b) Banana
c) Potato
d) Cabbage

c) Potato

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