General Agriculture MCQ For all agriculture competitive exams Part 1st

1. Question: Which type of soil has the smallest particles?

a. Clay

b. Silt

c. Sand

d. Loam

Answer: a. Clay

2. Question: Which gas is vital for photosynthesis?

a. Oxygen

b. Carbon dioxide

c. Nitrogen

d. Hydrogen

Answer: b. Carbon dioxide

3. Question: Which of the following is a C4 plant known for its high photosynthetic efficiency?

a. Wheat

b. Rice

c. Sugarcane

d. Barley

Answer: c. Sugarcane

4. Question: Crop rotation is essential to:

a. Increase pests and diseases

b. Improve soil fertility

c. Reduce crop yield

d. Increase erosion

Answer: b. Improve soil fertility

5. Question: The process of turning over the soil to bury crop residues and organic matter is called:

a. Tilling

b. Sowing

c. Harvesting

d. Threshing

Answer: a. Tilling

6. Question: Which of the following is a macronutrient required by plants in large quantities?

a. Iron

b. Zinc

c. Nitrogen

d. Copper

Answer: c. Nitrogen

7. Question: Which of the following is a method of asexual propagation in plants?

a. Grafting

b. Seed sowing

c. Transplanting

d. Rooting

Answer: a. Grafting

8. Question: Which farming system integrates livestock and crop production?

a. Horticulture

b. Apiculture

c. Aquaculture

d. Agroforestry

Answer: d. Agroforestry

9. Question: Which disease affects both humans and plants and is caused by bacteria?

a. Tuberculosis

b. Anthrax

c. Influenza

d. Malaria

Answer: b. Anthrax

10. Question: What is the primary function of the stomata in plants?

a. Water absorption

b. Photosynthesis

c. Transpiration

d. Nutrient absorption

Answer: c. Transpiration

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