Citrus Psylla

Distribution and Status: America, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia and China

Host range: Citrus, certain deciduous plants and families of rutaceae.

Symptoms of damage

• Both nymphs and adults suck sap from the plants and injection of toxic saliva

•Nymphs – are more destructive, crowd on the terminal shoots, buds and tender leaves

•Excrete honeydew- growth of sooty moulds

•Affected plant parts dry and die away

•It is transmits the “Greening” virus

Identification of pest

Nymphs: Are flattened, oval in shape with orange colour

Adult: Minute insect, shiny black with grey dusting on the body, wings are extending beyond the tip of the abdomen

Life cycle


•Collect and destroy the damaged plant parts

•Spraying with systemic insecticides at flush growth periods

•Spray malathion 0.05% or carbaryl 0.1%

•Encourage the activities natural enemies such as Syrphids and Chrysopids

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