Citrus caterpillar/ lemon butterfly

•Distribution : Africa, Japan

•Hoat plant : citrus & Various other species of the family rutaceae.


•Egg : pale or greenish yellow when freshly laid, but later turn brown, becoming dark gary just before hatching. – Female lay eggs : 75 – 120

•Caterpillar : full grown caterpillar is yellowish green, horn – like structure on dorsal side of the last body segment, 40 mm long & 6.5 mm wide.

•Adult : Beautiful butterfly, 28 mm length & 94 mm in wing expanse. Head and thorax are black

Life cycle


•Only the caterpillar cause damage by eating the leaves.


•Hand picking

•Spraying of entomogenous fungus, Bacillus thuriengiensis Berliner, nematod DD -136 strain or neem seed extract (3%) also gives quite high motality of caterpillar.

•Spary 1.45 liter of endosulfan 35EC or quinalphos 25EC during April (After fiuit set) & Oct.

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