Tillage || Types of Tillage

Objective of Tillage
Types of Tillage
Conservation Tillage
Classification of Tillage Implements
Preparatory Cultivation/ Tillage, Primary Tillage, Deep Tillage, Subsoiling, Year Round Tillage
, Secondary Tillage, Layout of Seedbed and Sowing, After Cultivation, Conservation Tillage, 1) Reduced Till, 2) Conventional Till, No-tillage/No-till, Ridge-tillage/Ridge-till, Mulch-tillage/Mulch-till, Primary Tillage Implements, Secondary Tillage Implements,

Problematic soil || Reclamation & Management

Problematic soil
What Is Problematic soil ?
Types of Problematic soil : Physical Problem soils, Biological Problem soil, Chemical Problem soil, Nutritional Problem soil, Parameters of different problematic soil, Saline Soils
(White Alkali), Characteristics of Saline Soils, Formation of Saline Soil, Favorable Conditions, The relative Salt tolerance of Different crops, Salt Tolerant Crops
, Sodic Soil
(Black Alkali/Non-Saline Alkali), Amendments, Calcareous Soil, Saline – Alkali, Effects of Soil Salinity and Alkalinity, Acid Soil, Processes in acid soil formation, Management
of acidic soils

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