Caster semilooper


Distribution and status: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines.

Host range: Castor, rose, pomegranate, tea, citrus, mango, Cadiospermum helicacabum


Larva: semilooper with varying shades of colour with black head. Abdomen has a red spot on the third abdominal segment and red tubercules in the anal region •

Adult: pale reddish brown moth with hind wing having white spot in the middle and three large white spots on the outer margin •Wing expanse of 6-7 cm

Life cycle


•Damage is maximum in August – September.

•Damage to complete defoliation


•Spray any one of the following insecticides thrice from flowering at three weeks interval

– Malathion 50 EC 2.0 l/ha

– Carbaryl 50 WP 2.0 kg/ha in 1000 l of water

– Apply neem seed kernel extract 5%+Neem oil 2%   •

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