Ber fruit fly

—Distribution and status: Countrywide distribution

—Host range: Ber

—Make cavities in the skin of fruit & lay 1-2 spindle shaped creamy white egg.

Damage symptoms

—Maggots feed on fruit pulp that results in fruit rotting and fruit drop.


—Female lays 22 eggs in cavities made on the fruit by ovipositor, egg period 2-3 days, maggot period 7-10 days.

—Fully grown maggot falls to ground and pupates in soil with pupal period of 5-30 days

—Usually 2-3 generations completed in a year.

—Adult is small fly with black spots on the thorax and dark spots on the wings.  


—Cultivate fruit fly resistant varieties such as Safeda Ilaichi, Chinese, sanaur-1, Mirchia, Tikadi and Umran

—Collect and destroy fallen and infested fruits by dumping in a pit and covering with a thick layer of soil.

—Plough interspaces to expose pupae

—Conserve parasitoids Opius compensates and Spalangia philippinensis

—Use methyl eugenol lure trap (25/ha) to monitor and kill adults of fruit flies or prepare methyl eugenol and malathion 50 EC mixture at 1:1 ratio and take 10 ml mixture/trap.

—Use bait spray combining molasses or jaggery 10 g/L and one of the insecticides, fenthion 100 EC 1ml/l, malathion 50 EC 2 ml/L, dimethoate 30 EC 1ml/L, carbaryl 50 WP 4g/L, two rounds at fortnight interval before ripening of the fruits.

—Spray malathion 50 EC 1.0 L or dimethoate 30 EC 1.0 L or dichlorvos 700 ml at the time of flower formation and fruit set.  

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