Animal Husbandry Objective Questions & Answer MCQ

Animal Husbandry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Animal Husbandry MCQ is most important for all agriculture exams [y] like ICAR-JRF [y], BHU Pre-PG, Raj Pre-PG [y], IBPS-SO/AFO [y], NET [y], CCI, IFFCO, NSC, AO, AAO, etc.

Q. 1. It is the group of sheep, goat,s or poultry birds?

a) Herd
b) Flock
c) Group
d) Steer

b) Flock

Q. 2. A castrated sheep is called as?

a) Mutton
b) Wedder
c) Puberty
d) Foetus

b) Wedder

Q. 3. What is the India’s rank in total cattle population?

a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

a) First

Q. 4. What is the incubation period of black quarter disease?

a) 1-2 days
b) 1-5 days
c) 3-8 days
d) 7-21 days

b) 1-5 days

Q. 5. What is the number of premolar teeth in cattle’s upper jaw?

a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) 12

b) 6

Q. 6. Which among the following breed resemble as Jamunapari?

a) Beetul
b) Barbari
c) Black Bengal
d) Marwari

a) Beetul

Q. 7. Mating of the related individual with 4-6 generation is known as?

a) Inbreeding
b) Linebreeding
c) Close breeding
d) Outcrossing

a) Inbreeding

Q. 8. Which camel breed have a luxuriant growth of hair on their eyebrows, eyelids and ears, they are called ‘jheepra?

a) Jaislmeri Camel
b) Bikaneri Camel
c) Kachchhi Camel
d) Mewari camel

b) Bikaneri Camel

Q. 9. Best pH for semen preservation is

a) 6
b) 6.8
c) 7.6
d) 8.2

b) 6.8

Q. 10. Study of birds which are not classed as poultry is known as?

a) Poultry Science
b) Ornithology
c) Bird science
d) ophthalmology

b) Ornithology

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