Anar butterfly

Distribution and status: All over India.

Host range: Aonla, apple, ber, citrus, guava, litchi, loquat, peach, mulberry, pear, sapota, tamarind. •It is polyphagous pest

Symptoms of damage

•Caterpillar bores into young fruits

•Feeds on internal contents (pulp and seeds)

•Fruit rotting and dropping

Identification of pest  

Larvae – dark brown, short and stout, covered with short hairs

Adult – bluish brown butterfly

Female – V shaped patch on forewing  

Life cycle


•Collect and destroy damaged fruits

•Clean cultivation as weed plants serve as alternate hosts

•Endemic areas – grow less susceptible varieties

•Adopt ETL (5 eggs/plant)

•Cover the fruit with polythene bags when the fruits are up to 5 cm

•Use light trap @ 1/ ha to monitor the activity of adults

•Insecticides: malathion 50 EC 0.1% or dimethoate 30 EC 0.06%, two rounds, one at flower formation and next at fruit set.

•Flowering stage – spray NSKE 5% or neem formulations 2 ml/1

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