Agriculture Objective Questions for NSC, IFFCO, ICAR, BHU, etc.

Q. When was the new agricultural policy established?

  • a). July 2000 
  • b). March 2002  
  • c). March 2004 
  • d). January 2004  
  • e). None of the above

Q. Which among the following does not belong to welfare schemes for the farmers?

  • a). Kisan Credit Card Scheme
  • b). National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
  • c). SHG Bank Linkage Programme
  • d). Employee Referral Scheme
  • e). None of the above

Q. Who announced the introduction of National Food Security Act?

  • a). P.Chidambaram
  • b). Pranab Mukherjee
  • c). Manmohan Singh
  • d). Arun Jaitley
  • e). None of the above

Q. Where in India is irrigation done by Tanks?

  • a). Karnataka 
  • b). Tamil Nadu  
  • c). Andhra Pradesh 
  • d). All of the above  
  • e). Only a,b,c

Q. Which, of the following plant-crop is the most efficient converter of solar energy?

  • a). Cane 
  • b). Paddy  
  • c). Wheat 
  • d). Millet  
  • e). Only a,b,c]

Q. Which of the following varieties of wheat is high-yielding?

  • a).Jaya 
  • b). Jagannath  
  • c). Sonalika 
  • d). I-R-8  
  • e). Only a,b,c

Q. “Isabgol” is an important cash crop in which of the following States?

  • a). Madhya Pradesh 
  • b). Haryana  
  • c). Rajasthan 
  • d). Gujarat  
  • e). Only a,b,c

Q. A crap valued, for its oil as well as its protein content is

  • a). Coconut 
  • b). Groundnut  
  • c). Arecanut 
  • d). Hazelnut  
  • e). Only a,b,c

Q. Cattle-bone powder is used as fertiliser as it is rich in

  • Nitrogen 
  • Phosphorus  
  • Sodium 
  • Potassium  
  • Only a,b,c

Q.  Crops likely covered under the New Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme would be

  • Food crops 
  • Commercial crops  
  • Rabi crops 
  • Fruit crops  
  • Only a,b,c
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